hubungan tanpa status, they said… (part 2)

i’ve made a mistake perhaps of my theory about this kind of relationship. since i know it has nothing to do with any game. it’s just something you take (too) seriously and just like another kind of relationships, sometime it has an ending anyway.

i once played with this shit and someone got hurt, someone had been left behind, someone cried in the midnight.

you just cant take this without any feeling, that shit must come along and take all your sense. and when it reaches its limit, all you can do is accepting, finally realizing that you have gone too far.

but why ? why some people choose this kind of relationship instead of.. you know being a “real-couple” ?

yeah, maybe some of them choose it because it doesn’t tie you up, it sets you free and they think the same as my first theory, it’s just a game that you can stop playing anytime and leave it with the one who lose.

but no, not with my theory nowadays. i once was on a relationship, a real one. i took it really seriously, it didn’t set us free at all and it was okay because it was the consequences. but the problem came when one of us had a lack of trust and another had a lack of feeling. one got bored and stopped trying, our relationship maybe looked okay while it had many holes inside. someone bled, someone tried to keep it by herself.

then one day, someone really gave up of that shit and decided to go. without any preparation, without a big problem followed, without any explanation, he just walked away.

it maybe had something to do with being tied up, maybe someone just wanted to be set free. it finally ended after a month and eight days.

and then i found this one, we have been going through this no-name relationship. it doesn’t mean i’m not serious because i’m one thousand, or million serious with this shit. i’m not playing a game, i’m falling in love and if one day something tears us apart, it doesn’t mean someone lose and another one get his/her winning.

we have been through this for almost two months and no one stops trying or seems like doing that. no one looks getting bored. no one tries to walk away. and it is nice.
i enjoy doing this shit while maybe some people do not. i understand their reason, and i understand those who think the same as me now. it’s okay.

for me, it’s not about what kind of relationship you are going through, you must take it seriously. everything has an ending, no matter it’s a real relationship or not. the only thing that could keep it is your both seriousness. don’t play with anyone’s heart, don’t play with anyone’s trust, don’t play with your promises. there’s no relationship you could play as a game, not even when it has no name at all.

hubungan tanpa status, they said… (part 2)

hubungan tanpa status, they said…

Let’s make a deal first, I told you it’s not a love you should be proud of, it would be just a story you’re gonna regret later.

Okay then , here the script.

We’re gonna do a relationship. No need to give it a name. Once one of us get bored just leave the other one.

I’m gonna send you a morning text, we could date anytime, cry together, tell a story about life, but once it’s over, it’s over.

Whoever cries for being left behind, the other one has no responsibility at all, take all the risks by your own.

That’s the rule. I agree to all of the risks I might experience later.

The point is to stop yourself of being falling in love. Because whoever falls first, he/she loses.  And whoever loses , he/she would exactly get hurt the most.

Simple isn’t it? Let’s play a game then.

hubungan tanpa status, they said…